Geoencoding – never forget your shooting-spots again

– Deutsche Version dieses Artikels –

Some days ago I started to sort my Paris shots 2009 and to assign keywords. Soon I recognized that my spatial memory indeed is good, but not as good as I thought. Crap – what church was that? 😉

Hm… Wasn´t there something like geoencoding or geotagging? Many current compact cameras even have a GPS module already installed – not so most of the professional ones as my Nikon D700 for example. But I found an old Garmin GPS eTrex HCx lying around… So I googled for it and some downloads later I knew I will never again have to think about where a specific photo was shot since I use the freeware Geosetter (Download by Friedemann Schmidt.

You just need the software and a recorded track on your PC/MAC to geotag yout photos. After selecting the photos and the track, the Software will write the spatial data directly to the EXIF ​​data of each photo. Save changes and done!

Certainly the best way is your camera-time and GPS-time is always in sync. But even if you forgot to set the correct time zone on the camera (because GPS-time is always right) you can correct this easily with some clicks in Geosetter. If there is no spatial data available for single images (if you shot in buildings for example) the software calculates either a point or the right position can be set manually in a Google-Maps-window.
After geoencoding your images the position of every photo will be displayed on a map.

Never think about shooting locations of the past! 🙂


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